“A spellbinding recital…first-rate.” (The Denver Post)

“The leading American organist of his generation.” (The New Yorker)

“Paul  Jacobs is one of the great living virtuosos…he is utterly without artifice.” (Washington Post, 2014)

"A brilliant organist...impressive clarity and lilting gait...rollicking energy and uncanny transparency....He played all these pieces from memory, an impressive feat and a palpable expression of his lifelong involvement with the music....That he received a standing ovation was no surprise."
(The New York Times, 2009)

"JUILLIARD'S JACOBS: COAXING THE SUBLIME FROM AN ORGAN Paul Jacobs is 31. He is chair of a department at the Juilliard School in New York. He is one of the most important soloists in his field. If that field were violin, he would fill the Kennedy Center Terrace theatre when he comes to Washington....A really terrific concert. Smooth, sinuous, flowing, tender: Those are not adjectives always applied to organ playing, but they fit when Jacobs is the one doing it. Another listener might counter that the impressive thing about the afternoon was his tremendous virtuosity....Barber's piece unfolded to show the open passion of a young man intoxicated with music, longing for big statements, lovingly lingering over a golden fugue and ending with a gentle chord of submission, like a bowed head. A piece that could have sounded cloying was instead made honest....One would have been happy to go back and hear it all again when Jacobs had finished."
(Washington Post)

"Jacobs was a master of color and smart dynamic choices."(with the Philadelphia Orchestra,
The Philadelphia Inquirer)

"A remarkable feat of virtuosity and musicianship."
(San Francisco Examiner) 

"Paul Jacobs is a pipe organist, and better than almost any of his colleagues, he also has an instinct for programming memorable events....played it all with technical panache and deep understanding, it became clear Jacobs was an artist of boundless talent."
(Atlanta Journal Constitution)

"With the Pacific Symphony Orchestra:
"The young American organist and champion of his instrument, Paul Jacobs...provided a mad man display in this hyper-busy piece, all the while keeping the weaving lines and leaping figurations clear."
(The Orange County Register)

"Paul Jacobs, the shockingly youthful head of the Juilliard School's organ department, is an important, genteel revisionist of his instrument...Much of the program was disarmingly and invitingly secular, so that Jacobs' coloristic virtuosity could never be called inappropriate [in the church setting]."
(The Philadelphia Inquirer)

"Verbal Charisma. Jacobs is articulate. At the organ, he is eloquent....colorful, demanding and compelling....three standing ovations."
(Green Bay Press Gazette)

"Jacobs is precisely what the organ scene needs right now: a dynamic young virtuoso who stands to further popularize this mighty, venerable and underexposed instrument."(Los Angeles Times)

"One of the most supremely gifted young organists of his generation." (Chicago Tribune)

"Charismatic showmanship and unflagging exuberance."(The Wall Street Journal)

"Phenomenally gifted and intelligent
young artist." (The Diapason)

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Grammy Award Winner 2011

"Best Instrumental Soloist Performance (without Orchestra)"

First Grammy ever to a solo organist

Paul Jacobs

concert organist

"Brilliant young organist and
evangelist for the instrument."
(The New York Times)

Paul Jacobs, America’s most celebrated concert organist, is the only organ soloist ever to receive a Grammy Award (2011). He made musical history at the age of 23 when he performed the complete organ works of J.S. Bach in an 18-hour non-stop marathon performance, and has subsequently performed the complete organ works of Olivier Messiaen in nine-hour marathon concerts around the country.        

He had performed in all 50 states by the age of 31, and has also toured in Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia and appeared with major orchestras. He is chair of the organ department at The Juilliard School in New York City.

"His charismatic and sometimes unorthodox interpretations have been praised and criticized. But music is not just about 'playing neatly and accurately,' he said. 'It should be played in a manner that stirs the soul.'" (The New York Times)

  “The young wizard Paul Jacobs…rose magnificently to the occasion.” (The New York Times, November 2010)  

“Mental clarity, stamina and virtuosity, qualities Mr. Jacobs has in abundance.” (Wall Street Journal, November 2010)

“Marvelous recital…performed by memory and was absolutley perfect…..a rousing standing ovation at the end of his flawless performance.” (The Diapason, 2011)

“The organist played with clarity and grandeur…the audience sat transfixed.” (Los Angeles Times, 2011)

“Paul Jacobs is widely regarded as one of the most gifted organists in the world.” (Living Washington County magazine, 2010)

"Glittering star of the organ world." (The Diapason)

“Celebrated organist Paul Jacobs tackled Janacek’s wildly exuberant organ solo with flair and completely from memory.” (Cincinnati Enquirer, 2011)

“PAUL JACOBS CREATES SONIC MIRACLES…this remarkably prodigious artist…is endowed with one of the most stupendous brains in the music business….played every note with feeling and technical perfection.” (Nashville Arts Magazine)