“An absolute organ prodigy with the technique and virtuosity that most concert pianists could only dream of…the Franz Liszt of the organ.”
(National Public Radio, Florida, August 2007)

“One of the most talented organists in the world.”
(The Chicago Tribune, 2014)

“One of his country’s most outstanding talents in classical organ music…not just possessing virtuosity, but a mature empathy remarkable in so young a performer.”
(The Sequencer, United Kingdom, August 2010)

“The Liszt piano transcription was absolutely phenomenally played.”
(The Litchfield Review, Birmingham, England, September 2010)


“Having heard previous recitals and recordings by this amazing young artist, I knew that his performance here would be spectacular, and it was all that and more. His virtuosity is evident in all the most difficult repertoire, and his inner soul emerges in his sensitive handling of lyrical phrases. It is thrilling to observe Adam’s ascendancy among the “best of the best” organists.”
(Lawrence P. Schreiber, First Baptist Church, Washington D.C., February 2016)

“He is a concert organist of the highest caliber, capable of performing a vast array of repertoire. Having personally observed Adam perform on a variety of instruments of all sizes, his delivery is stunning in any setting. Adam possesses an unparalleled ability to keep an audience engaged. His programs are 100% about the music.”
(Van Howard, Past Dean, Tampa, Florida Chapter AGO, 2015)

“He came, he played, he tamed the beast…Not since 1951 when E. Power Biggs came and played the dedicatory recital has there been this much excitement about an organ recital here…”
(Steven Middlebrecht, First Lutheran Church, Carlisle, PA, September 2009)

“Adam’s playing is hair-raising, rhythmic, and musical…”
(Donald Fellows, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Pittsburgh, PA, March 2006)

“His Bach Trio Sonata sparkled with delight and energy and the Liszt transcription was played with commanding authority. He has a formidable technique which he brings to all of his music making, coupled with a refined sense of musicianship. His comments during the recital endeared him to the audience…”
(John Sherer, Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago, IL, March 2011)

“What impresses me is his deep insight into the repertoire – his technical mastery would be somewhat hollow without this…”
(John Keys, St. Mary’s Church, Nottingham, England, September 2010)

“Adam Brakel’s performance at St. James’, Los Angeles, was breathtaking in every way: sublime musicianship, engaging program, imaginative registrations, and all under control of a flawless technique. His standing ovation was well deserved.”
(James Buonemani, St. James Episcopal Church, Los Angeles, CA, January 2012)


“Throughout the entire program, Brakel’s spellbinding virtuosity never becomes an end unto itself, but always serves the music. He has a keen sense for phrasing and line, superb rhythmic control, contrapuntal and linear clarity, and a fine sense of color. He is a musical force to be reckoned with…highly capable of communicative lyricism, a sure grasp of musical structure and counterpoint, and incendiary virtuosity. Combining all of these is truly exhilarating.”
(The American Organist, October 2014, about his Romantic and Virtuosic CD recording)