“A master organist, he approached every page with a penetrating sense of phrasing. No detail of registration was too tiny to be overlooked, yet his readings were somehow free of the fussiness many performers adopt when playing in full view of their audience.”
(The Evening Star, Washington)

“An organist who is as virtuosic as he is sensitive, as brilliant as he is inspired, who excels in interpreting the elegance of these works which are so full of poetry and spiritual exaltation…his was the touch of the master.”
(Le Bien Public, Dijon, France)

“Possessed of all the technical ability required to play the most challenging of passages, he possesses, too, a keen analytical mind, and a selective ear that seems to choose always the most appropriate of tonal combinations.”
(Daily News, Springfield, MA)


“Students were astonished by the technical fireworks and the sheer beauty…brilliant performance.”
(Pamela Decker, University of Arizona)

“Dr. Spillman is an artist and scholar who radiates a warmth and approachability that draws musicians and non-musicians alike. We feel enriched by this experience.”
(Jimmie L. Jackson, Peoples Baptist Church, Boston, MA)

“Has extremely diligence in preparing for the recital and created a delightful and informative presentation for the AGO chapter.”
(David A. Gross, First United Church of Christ, Reading, PA)


“Above and beyond his astounding technique, the performer had the gift of bringing to each of the works he played a convincing, communicative spirituality.”
(Argus de la Presse, Paris)