“There was none of Reger’s signature density in Demers’ extravagantly contrasted and orchestral registrations…[which] were impeccably structured. Demers played the whole recital from memory, and her phenomenal playing and obvious affection for Reger’s music communicated strongly. There is no shortage of organists who make their instruments roar; and while her power was never in question, Demers made the instrument sing.”
(Peter Reed, Classical, England, 2016)

 “The phenomenal French-Canadian organist Isabelle Demers crafted an imaginative program for her recital on the Stambaugh Auditorium organ…and delivered it with precision and flair. [She] made seamless registration changes and negotiated Reger’s dense music with admirable transparency. Demers’ playing amounted to unalloyed musical joy.”
(Daniel Hathaway,, 2015)

“The virtuosic fingers and feet of Isabelle Demers, a terrific organist.”
(Chicago Tribune)

“All played with bracing virtuosity by organist Isabelle Demers.”
(Chicago Classical Review)

 “Eminent Canadian organist Isabelle Demers…her evident virtuosity impressing at every turn, the program played from memory, and the instrument constantly treated as a source of musical colour…the concert designed to entertain and delight.”
(The Calgary Herald, 2013)

 “…virtuosic playing…brilliant and fluent performance…virtuosic organist.”
(Organ Canada 2012)

“If the organ is the ‘king of instruments,’ then the king’s consort must be Isabelle Demers, one of North America’s most sought-after organists.”
(The Union, Grass Valley, CA, 2011)

“A masterful control of registration, always using stops that sounded just right for the music and making changes of registration seem utterly effortless, never interfering with the natural rhythmic flow of the music….The entire recital was played from memory and certainly must rate as one of the outstanding events of the [2010 national AGO] convention.”
(The American Organist, 2010)

“Demers’s supreme musicianship makes her performance thoroughly convincing….virtuosic.”
(Choir & Organ, London, 2010)

“Exciting, expressive and successful…profound and searching, and demonstrate the depth and breadth of Isabelle Demers’ musicianship. I should like to hear more of her playing.”
(Church Music Quarterly, England, 2010)

“Stunning…breathtaking…the young organist performed it in an absolutely grandiose way without ever losing sight of the principal theme. But it was pure madness to add anything to such a dazzle. I therefore left during the small encore because I decided to keep with me the impression left by the Ad nos.”
(La Presse, Montréal)

“Vehement virtuosity.”
(La Presse, Montréal)

 “Another success. The strong impression left by Isabelle Demers’ two previous concerts at Notre Dame earned her an audience of a rather impressive size…her Bach remained grandiose….[The Messiaen] breaks out like thunder, and the same applies just as well to Ms. Demers’ interpretation of the work, despite her apparent frailty. Standing ovation.”
(La Presse, Montréal, 2009)

“Consummate musicianship.”
(The Diapason)

“Daring and fresh…interpreted with infinite poetry…mind-blowing Toccata confirmed her tremendous talent. With her idiomatic style and her solid technique, Isabelle Demers is an artist outside the norms, or dare I say, beyond any competition.”
(Les Amis de l’orgue, Québec City)

 “The best recital I have ever heard here!…A magician at the keys…unbelievable virtuosity.”
(Westdeutsche Zeitung, Germany, 2012)

“Brilliant young organist…rapidly being recognized as one of Canada’s best and brightest performers on the organ….A triumphant success…Virtuosic playing…Brilliant and fluent performance.”
(Pipelines, RCCO Ottawa Centre journal)

“Diminutive [in stature], she became a giant once she started to play….Her playing was technically strong; nearly perfect, [and] in fact she played completely from memory.”
(Gregory Sullivan Isaacs,, 2010)

“Dazzling virtuosity and a dramatic sense of timing…leaving many a listener on the edge of his seat with excitement. This was truly a memorable organ recital.”
(Newbury Weekly News, England)

“One of the most remarkable recitals of the [national AGO] convention…brilliant technique served always to make the music soar. The audience was dazzled by her magnificent performance.”
(The Diapason, 2011)

“At just more than 5 feet tall, Isabelle Demers may be diminutive in stature. But the petite 28-year-old produces a powerhouse of soul-stirring music when seated at an organ. ‘Isabelle is rivaling the top organ players in the field,’ said the concert organizer, ‘She is a fearless and extraordinary performer. She’s just amazing.’”
(Amarillo-Globe News, TX, 2011)

“Supersonic chops and insightful wit…it was breathtaking to watch Demers play…a fascinating concert.”
(, 2011)

 “The young Isabelle Demers enchants the entire audience with her virtuoso performance.”
(ISO Journal)

“Full-throttle, unbridled virtuosity…daredevil flair…Played with clarity, precision, and most importantly, emotional warmth.”
(NashvilleArts magazine, 2011)

“Isabelle Demers plays the organ with such zest that the music seemed to leap off the page…played with great flamboyance.”
(Schenectady Gazette, NY, 2011)

“One of North America’s premier virtuoso organists. Her technical brilliance and fluency enable her to render difficult scores with stunning clarity and apparent ease. She wisely keeps her technical bravura subservient to the music itself…a player of formidable technique.”
(The American Organist 2011)

“A performance of great virtuosity, originality and spontaneity….witty and intelligent spoken program notes…a major talent in the world of classical organ music.”
(Timothy Robson,


“She gave a dazzling performance and her sparkling personality won the hearts of the crowd. We could not be more pleased!”
(Bruce Smith, Grace Church, Utica, NY, April 2016)

 “The concert was superb! We were riveted! Isabelle Demers-integrity, virtuosity, and charm.”
(Suzanne T. Purtee, Church of the Nativity, Huntsville, Alabama)

“Great virtuosity, panache, and musical sensibility.”
(Russell Jackson, Lehigh Valley Chapter AGO, Pennsylvania)

“Powerful, moving…elegant…vibrant…thunderous applause.”
(Pipelines, RCCO Ottawa Center, Joshua Zentner-Barrett, 2010)

“Her virtuosic performance combined bold rhythmic drive with the sensitivity of a refined musicianship and a passionate, colorful interpretation of the music. She is an engaging and impressive young talent who is destined for a brilliant career.”
(Deanna Muro, Suffolk NY Chapter AGO)

“I don’t believe I have enough superlatives to describe Isabelle’s performance…What a great afternoon! Marvelous playing; superb, judicious registration of the vast tonal resources, rubato in the right places. This was a concert that would make the audience want to return for another.”
(Neil Carlson, audience member in Newark NJ, 2009)

“Her performance at the AGO 2008 national convention surprised and delighted the crowd of 2,000. Her composure, conviction, and compelling musicianship held the audience spellbound.”
(Michael Barone, Pipedreams host)

“All that anyone could hope for.  Her technique was flawless.  She played with incredible energy, registered imaginatively, and her musicianship was of the highest order.”
(Donald Ingram, Program Committee Eastern New York Chapter AGO)

“Isabelle displayed all of the majesty, fire, and sweep that music of truly epic proportions demands….Isabelle’s blazing technique, always in the service of good taste, meticulously reinforces the unrestrained passion which she brings to her music…the sort of performer who is invited back again and again.”
(Paul Dixon, St. Petersburg College, Florida)

“Isabelle Demers is tiny but mighty! She has it all-exciting technique, awesome artistry, refreshing charm, and an incredible gift for arranging and transcribing.”
(Rebecca Ogle, Neighborhood Church, Palos Verdes Estates CA)

“Not only does Isabelle Demers give outstanding performances of the great works for organ, but she makes challenging transcriptions of some of the popular works for large orchestra, which uniquely enliven her recital programs.”
(Robert W. Miller, Chamber Orchestra of the South Bay CA)

“The Astonishing Isabelle Demers…much more than a perfect performance; she brought to that technical perfection a rare spirit of adventure, daring, and deep conviction, seeming to manufacture whole worlds before our eyes and spiritual imaginations. It’s as if she took it upon herself to re-establish, this night and once and for all, that the organ remains today what it was in Machaut’s time–the reigning king of all instruments. She fully succeeded.”
(Jeffrey Tucker, posted on


“A dizzying display, but spellbinding…a brilliantly played program. Demers has my ear, and she should have yours too.”
(Jerry Dubbins, FANFARE)

“A fine organist with solid technique who is not afraid to tackle music of great difficulty.”
(Carson Cooman, FANFARE)

“Her playing of these formidable pieces by Reger is technically excellent, rock-solid, and authoritative.”
(American Record Guide)

“She channels her formidable technique through consummate musicianship and a fusion of creativity, imagination, scholarship, and intellect to create performances that are truly memorable, unique, stylish, commanding and communicative. In her stunning performance [of Reger’s Introduction, Variations, and Fugue on an Original Theme, Op. 73] her dual gifts of super virtuosity and eminent musicality serve to yield a performance that commends this oft-derided work as laudable, compelling, and deeply satisfying. Such conviction breathes life, vitality, and excitement into performances that make a lasting impression.”
(James Hildreth, The American Organist, December 2015, on Demers’ CD, “The Old and the New” on the Acis label)

 “Max Reger’s seven Chorale Fantasias are among his best known and most successful works. They are among the most difficult works to perform in the entire literature for the instrument. In her stupendous performances, Isabelle Demers, paired with the marvelous Aeolian-Skinner instrument, meets every challenge with brilliance and consummate artistry. She knows when to allow the music to be frenzied and when to reveal its delicacies. This recording is a must-have on all fronts. Isabelle Demers is a “vehement virtuoso” and much more. She is a consummate musician who harnesses her formidable technical powers and musical understanding to render performances that are breathtaking, memorable, compelling, and fully satisfying. This recording of Reger’s Chorale Fantasias will surely set the standard for many years to come.”
(James Hildreth, The American Organist, December 2015, on Demers’ CD, “The Chorale Fantasias of Max Reger” on the Acis label)