“…superbly conceived…but also greatly enjoyable…superb understanding of style and flawless technique…sumptuous. Those who were able to attend the Kincoppal-Rose Bay event were treated to a wonderful afternoon of music making, being briefly transported to the delightful world of French music of a period when its artistic creativity was of the highest order.”
(Kelvin Hastie, The Sydney Organ Journal, Australia, 2017)

“Johann Vexo displayed a level of refinement in his approach to the questions of authentic performance practice in French Baroque organ music that is rare. His sensitive, nuanced use of notes inégales in the works of arguably a composer at the very apogee of his art was particularly gratifying. We heard Johann Vexo display a level of brilliant virtuosity. This was not mere technical display, however (which is often times so shallow), but in the hands of a performer of such a high level of musical intelligence it became an exposition of keyboard artistry at the highest level.”
(Kurt Ison, The Sydney Organ Journal, Australia, Winter 2017)

“Vexo, choir organist at Notre-Dame in Paris and organist of Nancy Cathedral, is clearly a rising star. He certainly played to this particular instrument’s strengths…and his very physical approach to playing was borne out in wonderfully rhythmic music-making, the kind you feel as well as hear. He clearly sensed, and expressed, the dance at the heart of nearly all baroque music. But his playing was blessedly free of the fussy, point-making articulation too often heard in this fare. These were performances that belied any notion of organ playing as dull or dutiful or pompous.”
(Scott Cantrell, The Dallas Morning News, April 2016)


“Johann Vexo’s organ recital at All Saints’ Episcopal Church (Atlanta) was as good as it gets. Playing an all French program, Johann demonstrated the Buzard organ beautifully. His technique is astounding, but that became secondary as his interpretations and musicality brought the music to life in every phrase. The audience could have listened to him all night. Johann Vexo is truly one of the great French organists!”
(Raymond and Elizabeth Chenault, All Saints Episcopal Church, Atlanta, February 2017)

“His playing of German Baroque music was the best I’ve ever heard from a French organist, and his handling of both organs (mechanical action, then electro-pneumatic) was exemplary.”
(Joel Martinson, Church of the Transfiguration, Dallas, 2015)

“Phenomenal playing; meticulous, imaginative, creative, delightful. The audience absolutely loved him!”
(Russell Weismann, St. Jane de Chantal Catholic Church, Bethesda, MD, 2015)

“From the very beginning of the concert it was quite evident that Mr. Vexo would demonstrate virtuosic command of the magnificent Aeolian-Skinner organ of the National Presbyterian Church. [He performed] with smooth and fluid technique…[and] his commanding technical prowess and clean articulation provided extreme clarity in the musical lines. His masterful command of the console along with agile and seamless registration changes made for a delightful orchestral transcription experience. This was a well-balanced aural experience that, for me, was not to be soon forgotten.”
(Irvin Peterson, Co-Dean, District of Columbia Chapter AGO, The Coupler, October, 2015)


“Johann Vexo’s first recital recording (JAV #188, 2011) is a real master stroke. From one end of this program to the other we are transported by an organist who not only perfectly masters his art form but furthermore exhibits a rare inspiration and extraordinary knowledge of this “organ machine” (the Notre Dame, Parish grand orgue). A celebration of sounds, colors, and rhythms, this recital will be long remembered as one of the most beautiful recitals recorded at Notre-Dame Cathedral.”
(Frédéric Muñoz, RESMUSICA, 2011)


“Johann was excellent in the class, and what I think really made it excellent is first of all his command of the English language. Also, he taught all the music so well, but was incredibly knowledgeable of the Franck and Vierne – taught them musically and expressively, while also bringing up new and interesting ideas for registrations.”
(Edward Landin, board member, The Philadelphia chapter of the American Guild of Organists, 2016)