“A level of authority in playing French works that is virtually unmatched in this country.”
(St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

“Organ superstar Lynne Davis displayed expressive virtuosity.”
(St. Louis Classical Music Examiner)

“Renowned organist Lynne Davis…The mastery of the organ that Lynne Davis has perfected [is] simply majestic.”
(The Sunflower News, Wichita)

“A strong sense of drama, brilliant theatrical contrasts.”
(The New York Times)

“A commanding technical control and a refined sense of style and taste.”
(The Diapason)

“Exemplary performances: Lynne Davis gets tempos, registrations and esprit just right.”
(The American Organist)

“Brilliant technique and sureness of note. Throughout the program showed her mastery of the music and instrument.”
(The Birmingham News, Alabama)

“Played with precision and ‘le bon gout.’ Her sense of style was excellent and she clearly showed her mastery of all the French-style ornamentation.”
(Calgary Herald)

“Dazzling virtuosity and a dramatic sense of timing…leaving many a listener of the edge of his seat with excitement. This was truly a memorable organ recital.”
(Newbury Weekly News, England)

“The solidity of her playing, its dynamic sense; its regularity was marvelous.”
(Paris-Normandie, France)