“A riveting performance. A sublime experience.”
(The Diapason)

“Maybe it’s better that we don’t get too many concerts like the one offered by Martin Jean. It’s not clear that our nerves could handle repeated exposure to music-making of such visceral intensity and expressive eloquence….Enormous flair, but never a hint of exaggeration….Jean phrased with exquisite elegance.”
(The Kansas City Star)

“He skillfully manipulated the church’s mid-sized organ as if he were playing at Chartres, Chichester, or Calgary−scenes of his past triumphs…Jean played this multi-faceted piece (Mozart) to a fare-thee-well that belied the instrument with which he was working…The double-edged wizardry of Bolcom and Jean yielded a refreshingly user-friendly peek at contemporary repertoire for the happily fulfilled audience.”
(The Lincoln Star, Nebraska)

“Organist Martin Jean comes to us covered in laurels….Jean plays with such élan that it’s deceptive–the works are much harder than they look, and it was a blissful concert just to enjoy….Jean kept the many lines untangled and clarified this complex work (Hindemith) with his own keyboard mastery….it was obvious Jean could play this (Bach) with one foot tied behind his back. The notes pile up like barnacles and could sink the craft in lesser hands, but Jean hardly worked up a sweat.”
(Oregon Register-Guard, Eugene)

“A stellar performance…demonstrated an impressive command of his instrument. A technically assured and refined performer, Jean infuses his playing with heartfelt emotions and a wide range of expressions. His interpretations are subtle, nuanced and filled with spirit and vitality….dynamic and powerful performance.”
(Deseret News, Salt Lake City)

“Jean made Bach’s complex pieces sound fresh and effortless….Jean flawlessly kept spinning out the melody from one fresh design to the next in the continuous expansion’ principle of the fugue. He made sure every piece got the energetic treatment and fancy ornamentation characteristic of Bach’s baroque.”
(Connecticut Post, Bridgeport)

“A superb performance of Vierne’s Fifth Symphony…played with control, refinement and grandeur, demonstrating fine technique and superb musicianship.”
(The Diapason)

 “Jean rose to the occasion by performing brilliantly for the 2,000+ organists. He showcased a simply dazzling technique, a mature and creative performance, and a total mastery of the organ and the acoustics of the room.”
(The American Organist, review of performance at the 2004 national convention in Los Angeles)

“His virtuoso reputation and stellar credentials precede him. A bold, diverse program…that Jean pulls off with aplomb….fire and blazing energy.”
(The Diapason)

“Through brilliant virtuosity and youthful verve, Martin Jean held the audience in his spell from the first measure of Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in D Major.”
(Der Zürcher Oberländer, Uster, Switzerland)

“The concert given by Martin Jean clearly conquered the large audience. The listeners are not always so attentive in the sanctuary of Notre Dame Cathedral.”
(L’Echo Republicain, Chartres, France)

“In the biggest crowd-pleaser, organist Martin Jean turned in a virtuoso performance, displaying enormous technical expertise and grace.”
(The Washington Post)

“Spectacular. The piece is a veritable catalogue of the organ’s many moods, and Mr. Jean evoked them all vividly. Seeping melodies, irresistible rhythms and a wild cadenza of pedals only gave the organist the opportunity to dance his way into the soul of this thrilling American piece.”
(The Washington Times)

“Meets and surpasses every challenge…Dr. Jean’s performances are stunning: brilliant, elegant, inspired, and technically immaculate….musicianship of the highest order.”
(The American Organist)


“Thank you for the wonderful concert you played last night for the Atlanta Summer Organ Festival. It was outstanding! Everything was played with such elegance, style, musicianship, showing your great skills and featuring the Buzard organ with such great variety of color. I’m sorry John-Paul [Buzard] wasn’t there to hear his instrument in such capable hands of a great artist.”
(Raymond Chenault, All Saints Episcopal Church, Atlanta, GA, June 2016)

“Great warmth, humor and aplomb…flawless performance and impeccable musicianship made for a truly memorable event. Many fans for the organ were won that day.”
(Scott M. Hyslop, St. Lorenz Lutheran Church, Frankenmuth, MI)

“Martin Jean’s recital was a tremendous success…stunningly performed….The crowd was huge.”
(Michael Kesar, St. Mark Lutheran Church, Omaha, NE)

“What a splendid recital…Outstanding in every respect–appealing programming, imaginative use of the organ, and brilliantly played.”
(Steven Roberts, St. Peter’s Church, Danbury, CT)

“A recital I will remember for years! I cannot remember being so stunned by someone’s playing as I was by Martin Jean’s. He showed off the organ in ways that were astounding, thrilling, mind boggling.”
(Mark Anderson, Chestnut Hill Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA)