“The two world-class artists of Organized Rhythm dazzled a delighted audience. British organist Clive Driskill-Smith and percussionist Joseph Gramley have been working together for nearly twelve years, honing a level of ensemble that is seamless….Driskill-Smith found all the colors of the Gress-Miles organ, showing the heft of [Holsts’s] ‘The Planets’ and the varied sounds of Saint-Saens’ ‘Carnival of the Animals’. If you closed your eyes during the Holst, you would easily believe that the entire percussion section of the symphony orchestra was at work. But don’t close your eyes! The visual aspect of Gramley’s playing is in itself a dance, whether it’s his mallets floating on the marimba keys or himself gliding among a phalanx of over a dozen instruments that filled the chancel.”
(James Gower, The Chattervox AGO newsletter, Hartford, CT, April 2016)

“Not only an exciting two-hour musical adventure, but also a startling clear insight for me into what makes a live performance good, and why good live performances are important for us….passion, technical mastery, and precision…two young musicians doing what they clearly love–making music, not just for themselves, but for us as well.”
(The Granite State News, Wolfeboro, NH)

“Organized Rhythm blew the crowd away with their rendition of Holst’s Planets … this program was incredibly appealing and can serve as a vehicle to pique youngsters’ interest in the organ and classical music – highly recommended!”
(The Diapason 2013)

“What a delight.”
(The Saginaw News, Michigan)

“Humorous and entertaining … the audience did not have to worry about dozing off during this mid-afternoon performance, thanks to a well-prepared and pleasing performance that appealed to the ears and eyes and sense of humor.”
(The American Organist 2012, review of AGO National Convention)


“It was one of our best-attended concerts ever, and I think will be one of the most memorable.  People are still raving about it. It was an incredible experience to hear (and see) two such fine musicians come together and perform – creating such an explosion of energy, sound, and musicality.  The program was perfect…”
(Merry Phillips, Christ Episcopal Church, Eureka, CA, April 2016)

“Joseph Gramley and Clive Driskill-Smith were an absolute joy to work with and present in concert. They are consummate musicians who communicate their art to both the amateur and the professional in the audience. I have nothing but the highest praise for these exciting artists. They not only live up to their press, but they surpass the superlatives used to review them.”
(Gregory H. Largent, First Presbyterian Church, Saginaw, MI)

“Both artists performed with impeccable technique, and the highest level of artistry and musicianship. Their programming was brilliant. This was really a HIT!”
(Greg Chestnut, First Congregational Church, Sarasota, FL)