“Elizabeth and Raymond Chenault: The World’s Premiere Duo-Organ Team”
(The Atlanta Journal and Constitution)

“The Chenaults’ mission–to advocate for an often-overlooked genre−is admirable and necessary, and they carried out their mission with grace, skill, and enthusiasm . . . and demonstrated the couple’s technical prowess.”
(, Kansas City’s online journal of the arts)

“CHENAULT DUO PACKS TWICE THE PUNCH . . . the Chenaults made tasteful and judicious use of the organ’s bountiful resources . . . and brought the audience to its feet.”
(The Birmingham News, Alabama) 

“Raymond and Elizabeth Chenault made the organ duet seem, among other things, fun. The two are among the world’s very few professional teams of organ duettists. Playing as one, the two Chenaults performed a program of sometimes lively, sometimes funny − all of it written especially for them.”
(The Spokane Review & Spokane Chronicle, Washington)

“Elizabeth and Raymond Chenault are noted practitioners of the art of two performers/one organ.”
(The New York Times)

“A different kind of organ recital”
(Richmond New Leader)

“Virtuosic, non-stop attention . . . the Chenaults showed mastery of the various idioms.”
(The Los Angeles Times)

“It was well attended, enthusiastically received, and made to order for the midnight hour.  The audience ate it up.”
(The Charleston Evening Post News and Courier) 

“…bold and colorful…”
(The American Organist, October, 2007)

“The Chenaults captivated an audience of more than 300 people.  The skilled duo-organists left the audience begging for more with a rousing rendition of Stars and Stripes Forever.  There’s nothing stuffy about these fine musicians.”
(The Atlanta Journal and Constitution)

“Elizabeth and Raymond Chenault enjoy the considerable benefit of a unique place in the profession.  No other duo is as regularly booked, is as fluent in the arguably restricted body of literature, nor has contributed to that literature as much through commissions and dedications.  Novelty, however, only reaches so far and, once beyond that, one is gratified to hear the underlying technical and interpretative talents that are exponentiated when such fine artists collaborate.”
(The American Organist, review of AGO national convention 1992)

“The Chenaults are consummate performers.  They know how to relate to an audience, choose repertoire to reach them, and have an elegant, unaffected stage presence.  Their tandem negotiation of the console is handled with efficiency and ease.  The audience was in the palms of their hands throughout the evening.”
(The American Organist, June, 2004)

“Much beautiful sound which took full advantage of the wide range of sonorities and the impressive skills of the Chenaults.”
(Sarasota Herald Tribune, Florida)

“The Chenaults have extracted every color and nuance from the instrument at the Washington National Cathedral and probed every expressive element of which this instrument and its building in their own duet together are capable.”
(The Journal of the Association of Anglican Musicians)

“Everything was played with the kind of virtuosic security that made you pay attention to the music, not the performers.”
(The Atlanta Constitution and Journal, July, 1993)

“They played as one excellent performer with four legs and four hands….A pleasurable experience made even more so by the verbal program notes and asides.”
(Green Bay Press-Gazette, Wisconsin)


“The audience could not wait to get to their feet in exuberant applause in gratitude for the magical performance Raymond and Elizabeth Chenault offered last evening….The musicianship the Chenault Duo exudes is superb. Their ensemble is so natural – a feat that needs to be acknowledged, as this is not easy. What they are doing as a duo…will go down in history….What a privilege it is to be a part of their gift to the world of music.”
(Kathleen Turner, Christ Church, Frederica (Episcopal), St. Simons Island, South Carolina – presenter, January 2016)

“Ray and Beth took Columbus, GA by storm yesterday.  Wonderful concert…great selections…gorgeously registered and played.  Of course, their graciousness and Ray’s remarks helped put the audience at ease and increased their enjoyment.  They certainly ‘made friends for the organ’ yesterday and we were thrilled in all regards.”
(Rick McKnight, Dean, Columbus, Georgia Chapter AGO, presenter)

“The Chenaults were fabulous.  They really had the audience with them. Everyone loved the program but the Phantom of the Opera was smashing. They got every sound and lush registration possible.”
(Margaret Lacy, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Amarillo, Texas, presenter)

“The Chenault recital was just fabulous, and they were delightful. Both the program and playing were excellent.”
(David Raymond, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Des Moines, Iowa, presenter)

“Words cannot express the joy I experienced with Ray and Beth! Not only are they first-rate superb organists, but two of the most delightful people I have ever met. They were gracious beyond words, and were by far the favorite guest artists we have ever hosted. Their programming was perfect, and included ‘something for everyone.’”
(Bill Stein, Holy Family Parish, Rockford, Illinois, presenter)

“Dear Friends at Truckenbrod: On Monday evening 7 June the San Francisco Chapter sponsored a concert at Grace Cathedral by The Chenaults. It was a terrific evening of duet playing. Having not heard Beth and Ray since Atlanta 1992, it was especially delightful to me to enjoy once again their high professionalism, musicality, and charm.”
(Philip Hahn, past national president, The American Guild of Organists)


“The Chenaults are consummate musicians who think and play as one. Combining technical mastery, interpretive acumen, and imaginative registration exploring the full capabilities of the large instruments, their performances are exciting and satisfying.”
(James Hildreth, The American Organist, January 2016 – on the Chenaults’ “20th-21st Century Organ Music for Two, Volume IV” CD recording)

“The Chenault’s disc features an entire programme of music written for the players themselves.  There are not many records of organ duets; there are even fewer as good as this.  It consists of really first-rate playing — musical, rhythmic, colourful and infectiously enjoyable–and a thoroughly interesting programme.”
(The Organists’ Review, England)

“The playing here is nothing short of electrifying.  There is a clarity of purpose and depth of musicality in every selection.  There is nothing superficial in the music or their performance.  Their handling of the organ in Washington National Cathedral is first-rate, making full dramatic use of its resources and generous acoustics.  A recording I will enjoy for years to come!”
(American Record Guide, Jan./Feb., 1996)

“I don’t remember when I have enjoyed a seasonal recording as much as this one.  This is a definite must to add to your Christmas listening list!”
(American Record Guide, Nov./Dec., 1996)

“As for the playing, the Chenaults’ international reputation is its own recommendation here – yet another feather in the caps of both Gothic Records and the splendid Chenaults.”
(The Diapason, November, 1995)