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Phillip Truckenbrod Concert Artists was founded in 1967 and is pleased to be in the fifth decade of its work. We are proud to represent a wide variety of concert performers available for booking in the United States and Canada. Included are several outstanding European and American vocal and choral ensembles; some of the world's finest younger concert pianists; instrumental ensembles, whether chamber music, early music or entertainment; recitalists; and today's premiere American and European concert organists. Fanfare has called Phillip Truckenbrod "America's leading artist representative for concert organists." See our Every-Issue Advertising in The American Organist, Choir & Organ, The Diapason, Musical America Directory.

Staffs pics: Phillip Truckenbrod, President; Ray Albright, Technical and Advertising.

Our standard fee "quotations" include all expenses
except local accommodations, which presenters
provide in addition.

  • Single performer standard fees range between
    $1,750 and $4,250. The average is $2,778 (travel included).

  • Duo standard fees range between $1,900 and $4,500. The average is $3,550.

  • Standard fees for ensembles of 3 to 6 members
    range between $3,900 and $6,750. The average is $5,325.

Our booth at the AGO Convention, Washington DC, 2010

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