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Phillip Truckenbrod Concert Artists was founded in 1967 and is pleased to be in the fifth decade of its work. We have always concentrated in the representation of concert organists, with an emphasis on the best young talent of the day. Indeed, Fanfare has called Phillip Truckenbrod "America's leading artist representative for concert organists." See our Every-Issue Advertising in America’s two professional journals for organists, The American Organist, and The Diapason. We have also been exhibitors at scores of national and regional conventions of The American Guild of Organists beginning in 1971.

Standard US $ Fee Quotations

TRAVEL is included inside the quotation (local or regional fees may be available)
ACCOMMODATIONS to be provided by presenter (if marked [h] hotel required)
LOCAL TRANSPORTATION to be provided by presenter as necessary

 American-based Organists

Anthony & Beard, trumpet & organ duo $4,000 [hx2rms]

Chenaults, duo organists $3,900 [h]

James David Christie $4,000

Peter Richard Conte $5,250 [h] solo or with Andrew Ennis

Lynne Davis $3,300

Isabelle Demers $3,850 [h]

Jeremy Filsell $3,500

Michael Hey $2,500

Christopher Houlihan $3,500 [h]

David Hurd $3,500

Paul Jacobs $5,950 [h] USA; $6,500 [h] Canada

Simon Thomas Jacobs $3,250

Martin Jean $3,500 [h]

Huw Lewis $3,250

Bruce Neswick $3,750

Raul Prieto Ramirez $3,950 (& Duo MusArt, piano & organ $4,950)

John Rose $2,900 [h]

Benjamin Sheen $2,750 [h]

Herndon Spillman $3,250

Carole Terry $3,250

Bradley Welch $3,850 [h]

Foreign-based Organists (during tour periods only) Scheduled to tour

Clive Driskill-Smith, England, $3,500 (& Organized Rhythm, percussion & organ $5,000) [h]

Jean-Baptiste Robin, France, $3,500 [h]

Our booth at the AGO Convention, Washington DC, 2010

Christopher Houlihan

Houli Fan

Phillip Truckenbrod Concert Artists

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